The Relevant School

Skills for a Joyous Life


Our ​Mission ​

This small private home school will teach the skills of reading, writing, mathematics, natural sciences and the arts. We will impart the skills necessary for children to explore and nurture their own seed of genius and follow their own path to a joyous life.  'How to live' will replace 'how to make a living'. And a food forest farm is the perfect learning environment. 

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Sept. 9


Relevant School Information Seminar

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2017.  10am

The Untold History of Education

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2017.  10am

Relevant School Information Seminar

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Oct. 27


Relevant School Information Seminar

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Skills to be Mastered

Reading & Writing

Reading is a complex process that must be mastered in order to pursue any individual's goals.  Mastery of both the grammatical system and  a sophisticated vocabulary are critical to a child's intellectual growth and capacity for learning and communicating.  Children will be challenged to stretch well beyond their current reach with intellectually challenging literature to study. From Reading and grammatical study will flow the writing  and creative writing programs. Classics that have been all but dropped from the current curriculum will be brought back into the classroom. A serious collection of novels, rather than a collection of bits and pieces from those novels will be studied. This program will be a challenge to the student, but it is critical to gaining language fluency which is currently being lost in our common public schools. If your child possesses a love of reading he/she may do very well within The Relevant School.

We believe that children need to learn the old skills that have been all but forgotten by our consumer society.  This style of farming is about living with a small carbon footprint, but having an abundant supply of everything you need and knowing how to source this in and around your own home. Animal husbandry and responsible care of meat destined animals has been lost to a sanitized looking (but grotesque reality) presented on grocery store shelves.  Since the setting of The Relevant School is a Permaculture Food Forest Farm, they will acquire knowledge of the techniques that build soil, grow more nutrient dense foods, raise healthier happier farm critters and provide habitat for wildlife systems.   The study of alternative systems for creative facilitation of trade in small communities will challenge creative thought and problem solving skills.  For more information on "Permaculture" click HERE.


Drawing from carefully selected and uncommon mathematics text books, we find that students advance more quickly to more and more challenging material. This could be due to the presentation of very practical applications in daily life. Memorization of tables and problem solving without the use of calculators and computers will be the roots of the program. This is about brain gymnastics and expansion of brain capacity, not just the math itself.  The brain needs exercise. Knowing the answer is better than knowing calculators, at least until the foundation is strong.


Gone are most of the many truly advanced school bands of yesteryear when music programs were full and robustly funded. But the real tragedy is that sound and frequency, we are discovering, are the foundation elements for understanding the universe. Nikola Tessla once said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."  Thus, music absolutely must be a foundation subject, like mathematics and English. Something to be mastered by children. It is after all a universal language much like dance and art.  The spiritual expression of a culture is in its art forms.  It is critical that children be aware and skilled in this expression. Music's connection to math, physics, and the universe make it far more than just an enjoyable hobby.  Music, theory and harmony is an important part of a child's learning life. 


Much of the science will grow out of the permaculture farm and it's various systems of natural expression. Water, wind, sun, energy, plants, animals, insects, trees, medicinal plants and working with mother nature to experiment in her fields will constitute the matter for study. How does water move across land and how can it be manipulated to serve us and the natural environment. We will experiment and record our results on the farm where an endless number of scientific studies can be conducted. From animal husbandry to seed saving, pond and water system creation to food systems, there is plenty to learn from, with this hands on approach. Personal responsibility, accountability, careful observations and recordings of farm experiments will be very different from any  classroom science your child has experienced.


Art is the creative expression of a society and how great a society is or was can be measured in this outward expression of the soul.   School resources have been redirected from our greatest forms of expression to competitive sports. I make no apology for stating this as you only have to compare what a basket ball or hockey player makes, and what a ballerina or symphony musician makes, in terms of compensation, to understand the flow of monetary energy.  Art will be student driven and again basic skills established so that they can express their own genius, in their own way, with the fundamentals to support them. Confident and skilled self expression is the key and where possible professionally trained artists will be sought for those students wishing to perfect their artistic skills.

Who can attend?

Every new school has to start somewhere.  Children ages 7 - 12 contact me through the contact page for an interview.


School Fees 

Fees can be paid through the Community Exchange System.  Click here for the CES webpage. No child needs to be excluded solely because of a  lack of "money". If you have skills of value to the community, you have the wealth you need.


School Calendar

Because we see education as something very special, our hours reflect this. It takes children time out to absorb what they are learning. And so the learning day and week will be shorter and more concentrated.