The Relevant School
"Skills for a Joyous Life!"

Introducing Miss Anderson

Education should be relevant and challenging! 

The Benefits of Home Schooling!

Safe and Secure Learning

Create your own secure and loving environment for your children. Security and love are what nurture a healthy and happy child. This cannot be artificially created by the government. Look down the hall. That's not what God intended.

Family is First

The family is the foundation of society. Even more than this it is the most powerful unit of a civil population. Its strength is what stabilizes and maintains order in any society. Without a stable family, you have chaos. Want to give your children roots? Teach them that family is first by educating them yourselves.

No More Insanity

Compelled behaviour, compelled speech, bullying, peer pressure... when does the insanity end? Children have a God given right to the oxygen that surrounds them and nourishes them. No government should come between a child and the air he/she breathes.

Courses Offered

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