The Relevant School

Skills for a Joyous Life


Head Mistress: Laurette Anderson 

Laurette Anderson was educated at University of Toronto receiving a degree in English Literature / Drama and a minor in Music. She also attended the Music Faculty of McGill University in Montreal where she majored in piano. Her second degree is in Education and she is eminently qualified to teach junior elementary  through highschool. She has taught since 1987. 

Over the years she has taught in Ontario high schools, followed by positions  in British Columbia.  Her  teaching career was highlighted by a trip to China where she acted as Vice Principal to a high school. Organizing, scheduling and improving practices at a typical Chinese high school of 7000 students, 300 of whom were in the Canadian School. Laurette brings all of this experience and more to the Relevant School.

She has come back to Canada with a renewed commitment to improving upon the Canadian educational system, by offering forward thinking parents an alternatative to it.  Over her career, she has witnessed a deterioration of subject standards and abilities in students. "Children's minds are not being exercised, nor brain power flexed and they are spending significant amounts of time in front of computers or tv screens during the school day. Smart Boards are not smart; they entertain, hypnotize, distract and as much fun as they are, they do nothing for your child's mind or soul."  Sadly, education has blended with entertainment.

The Relevant School will focus in large part on development of brain capacity.  Thus skills currently lost will be revived. Cursive writing, (now deemed unnecessary because of the prevalence of computer use), memorization of times tables  and poetry,(mistakenly considered low level thinking), invaluable grammar (now assumed to be absorbed via osmosis) will return to instruct students in the intimate knowledge of their own language.    The Relevant School will strive to guide children through the process of learning, exercising their minds and truly being able to think outside the box.  Relevant School students will advance more quickly, use the English language with alacrity and understand what it means to be self sufficient and independent.  It is critical that in our future society there is a population capable of navigating in the real world of bureaucracy and judicial systems that are, (for most citizens) impossible to understand or navigate, to protect increasingly fragile human rights. Students will have a competent understanding of how their court system came to be, how it works, what exactly are their rights and obligations, and how to maneuver confidently within it when necessary. This is currently overlooked in Education.

Another important aspect of The Relevant School is it's setting, a Permaculture Food Forest in the beginning stages of development. A natural farm environment where the children will learn about food forest farming, animal husbandry, and food production within this framework. Permaculture is a system which works to create food system environments which can be permanent as a result of their initiative to build better soil, grow more nutrient dense food and share the surplus created.  Abundance is the goal of food forest production.  If you can imagine an approach to farming more reflective of indigenous cultures around the world, where humanity is a cooperative partner within mother nature's landscape and people flourish under her care. The genius of the system is the initial planning of the landscape which works intimately alongside natural processes. This syncronicity increases the abundance of extremely nutritious and chemical free food for a healthy body and mind. Truly a relevant and necessary addition to the education of our children in a world where sugar seduction is rampant.

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