The Relevant School

Skills for a Joyous Life


We Teach Systems of Abundance and Harmony

The common school system, both public and private, here in Canada, teaches principles of scarcity. By it's very battles each year with politicians, cutting funding and fighting with the staff about resources and money, this should be obvious. It should be disconcerting to say the least to place a child in a scarcity based system.  Classroom control is of utmost importance and learning takes a back seat in crowded classes. Lots of prizes for those who conform, behave and speak in turn, only when called upon. When treated like cattle we gain a herd mentality. Children now have twelve years of this factory fed education.

Having less than a dozen students means that each one has time for self-expression and the teacher has time to show them individually the path to reach their own best self-expression of genius. All people have genius in them. But after 12 or more long years of school institutionalization, it is battered out of them .

What if school was a reflection of home and family values? Wouldn't this uplift and hold in high esteem home life? And a child's spirits? What if our studies explored abundance and not scarcity?  Why are people unable to see the rampant abundance of mother nature? No one on this planet should be starving! There is plenty to go around. Distribution is the problem and it's an insurmountable one facing our children. The few have far too much and the many have far too little. The result of a 'corporate' world.

 The system that created this problem will never resolve it.  As Einstein apparently once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to come out different". The world continues on a path of chaos, poverty and war, while the leaders use chaos, poverty and war to fight it. 

The world needs a populace that is taught to think for themselves, challenge the current systems and create new ones that benefit humanity and not mega-multi-national corporations. 

The world needs a Relevant School.

The current education system does not come close to doing this. It has been in place for many years and look at the results.  A world in chaos. This system has failed.  

Students are being prepared for corporate cubicle work and they are being brainwashed into thinking consumerism and a growing "economy" are the only route to prosperity.   Consumerism is the new religion of our times.  Confusion and helplessness are the hidden but dominant emotions in our graduates.

The focus at the Relevant School will be on the joy of learning for no other reward than having achieved the learning itself. Caring for the animals on the farm will be it's own reward for the children who begin to get to know the animals. Music, the playing and enjoyment of ever improving skills, and being part of something greater than themselves, will be its own reward. The complexities of the process of learning music and an instrument will challenge them mathematically, physically and spiritually. Children don't need petty rewards or marks for progress in learning if they are in a true learning and not a programmed 'outcomes' environment.  One success builds on another success. Cooperation and helping one another comes naturally in a non-competitive environment. Each child will shine in his or her own unique way. And The Relevant School will help them identify that shining unique seed of genius. These are some of the things that can create an environment and an attitude of abundance in our next generation. Parents, family, elders and local community are respected and honored. This is how a child grows up to make significant changes in the world. The microcosm to the macrocosm.

Mastery learning of fundamental skills will dictate moving toward more challenging material. The learning will take place at the student's best pace rather than that of the class. There are no grades, no levels and no boundaries. 

This is how a small class of students will influence and change their community, and the greater community,  for the better, over time.