"Failing Grade" Excerpts 1

Nov 12 / Laurette Anderson
If you have come to the realization that the school system, from institutional daycare to the university degree is like a cookie factory; millions of different ingredients going in, but a uniform chocolate chip cookie coming out, then you also understand that your child is in the hands of a cookie machine. A very mediocre cookie machine at that.  
Observation of the response to the recent pandemic in hospitals and schools is a clear indicator of no critical thinking, as well as, biased attitudes shaped by mass media. Stories of neglect in hospitals are coming out, stories of segregation of students who refuse to wear a mask or take vaccines are coming to the fore. It has reached a climax of loss of integrity and definitely there is a “group think” problem that is using coercion and even extortion to enforce an accepted regime of policies that have no basis in evidence, science, logic or ethics.
Whether the policies are medical or ethical or educational, our schools are failing our communities.   It would seem that our schools are moulding students into people who go along to get along, people who are easily pressured by both peers and authority figures, into accepting without question, whatever narrative suits the going ideology. Currently, that ideology seems to be about protecting everyone else by taking an experimental and high risk ‘vaccine’ without any science proving this to be a wise decision, especially where children are concerned. There is no evidence of harm to children from the SARS Cov2 virus. Virtually all early childhood deaths, it has been proven, were accompanied by extremely serious co-morbidities. They were already dying. 
So why the push to vaccinate our children? Logic tells us we need to question this.  Our schools, however, go along with the current narrative, for better or for worse.  
Our schools have been working in this direction for many years. Government policy has made it possible for a child to be coerced into being vaccinated in the school setting, without parental consent.  A child can be removed from the family for negligence, if not vaccinated – this is coming with policies already set in place, under the guise of 'child protection'. The Stephan's of Alberta found out how the system can turn parents into criminals very quickly with zero evidence but lots of false information from a very powerful media and a court system directed by the same dangerous narrative as the medical and educational systems.
This is a systemic crisis. It cannot be fixed from within.   So how do we change this and move forward? As a teacher, I have found that the system cannot be changed from within.  Anyone who questions the prevailing narrative is quickly dealt a blow and either steps in line, or working life in the school becomes difficult and opportunities to rise through the ranks are shut off.  An off-hand remark that leans in a conservative or oppositional direction quickly results in shunning in the staff room and will soon lead to mediocre or poor teaching evaluations or worse. This is how those who question are weeded out of the school or silenced before they have a chance to influence any policies as an administrator. Each powerful system has the same issue.   So forget the system as it stands now. It doesn’t work. And it cannot be fixed from within. Forget the classroom. It was designed after the psychology labs of the late 1800’s.
So let’s start over again.  How would we design the setting of the modern learning space? Should it resemble a psychology laboratory at all?  If you want a child to grow into an adult who values family, parents and elders as well as community, then shouldn’t the learning space resemble home life somehow? 
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