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Debt Free &
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3 Simple Steps.

Acquire the know how to make debt collection agencies powerless. Fly with the Eagles or cower with the chickens. Your choice.
"You have wings. Learn to use them and fly."    Rumi

Step 1
Knowledge is Power

Success starts with
this foundation. Get Informed.

Step 2
Pathway to Freedom

Responding Lawfully to
Debt Collection Letters

Answer your phone!
Stress free

How to respond
to Debt Collectors


And then
negotiate down your lawfully owed debts.

What's included?

  • Template letters
  • Explanation of Relevant LAW
  • How to Handle Telephone calls
  • Video Lessons
  • PDF format of templates and materials

No Need to Stress Over Old Debts

You will learn how to develop, organize and implement a strategy for dealing lawfully and effectively with debt collectors. You will learn that you can say and write, in a polite and friendly manner, things that will get rid of these nasty pests forever.

Knowledge is Power

A better understanding of how debt collectors operate, what they can and cannot do and how to catch them at their own game and get rid of them. But you must be willing to learn and put some work into this. Quitting halfway is not an option.
Meet the instructor

Laurette Anderson

Researching and testing the system has taught me several valuable lessons regarding your rights and responsibilities under common law. Learning about Unified Commercial Code and understanding that laws are very different from statutes and regulations, was the key to unlocking a world of secret knowledge on how to make sure my rights, and my money, are protected. Let me share the secrets to handling debt collectors so they become the guilty prey and you become the lawful predator.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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