Practical Arithmetic

  • Author: Daniel W. Fish
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 1 hour per day
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Published in 1856
Outcome: Logical Critical Thinking.

  • Video Time: 0
  • Tests: 1 per chapter
    Exams: 1

    Mathematics is to be found everywhere in nature. From the visual to the auditory it is the foundation of life itself! Fascinating revelations as you learn more and expand your understanding of the world you live in. Enjoy the journey and begin here!

What's included?

  • Term One Workbook
    21 Manageable Sections

  • 2 Tests
  • Numerous Exercises and Questions per Section
  • 0 Video
  • PDF formatted pages to print
The theory of numbers, in connection with concise analytic methods of solution, and designed as a complete text book on this science for Home Schoolers and Academies seeking Mathematical excellence beyond what is currently available for elementary learners.

Mathematics should be challenging and relatable to real life. This is what this ancient text provides. Lacking in current mathematics, and in abundance in these challenging pages that explore the playful and logical connection between life and numbers.
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