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Mathematics Book 1

The discovery of mathematics is the discovery of systems in nature.

Natural mathematical patterns.

Mathematical patterns surround us in nature.
The basics of fundamental Mathematics. Start the journey of discovery here.

What's included?

  • 89  Lessons
  • 1 Certificate
  •  Audio Introduction
  • Complete book PDF
  • Final Exam

Become a Math Whiz!

Understanding mathematics is the key to logical thinking and reasoning. Adults who have studied fundamentals of mathematics are much more rational and harder to bamboozle into trends, notions  or narratives that don't add up.

Fundamentals First

 Children must work hard to learn the basics. Times tables must be memorized. Adding and subtracting should be familiar and easy, once the fundamental skills are learned. 
Our Primary Text of Choice

Ray's New Arithmetic

This book was published in a revised edition in 1877. It is remarkable in its clarity and organized simplicity. Step one counting numbers, step two combining numbers and so on. The best math books are the oldest ones hands down. Colorful pictures and snazzy looking pages do not make a good math text. This is not entertainment. This is building skills and foundations for the future. Computer games are not a suitable direction for teaching mathematics. Active learning is always preferable to being entertained.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Course Lessons

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