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 Cursive Writing Penmanship


Skill building leads to great artistry.

Inner Genius

Once the conduit is prepared the inner genius can flow.

Self Expression

Self discipline and practice lead to perfection.

Cursive Writing is the introduction to learning great penmanship. It takes practice and imagination to master your own great handwriting. Not available in current public school curriculum. A must for a primary child who has learned to print.

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Brain Power

It is a scientific fact that brain development is enhanced by the skill building process of cursive handwriting. Never underestimate the importance of learning this skill. In the end, handwriting mastery will be a source of pride and the  most important conduit of the genius within.

The Seed of Genius

  Great genius requires a foundation of skills for its ultimate expression. The great artists of history, learned by copying the masters, and learning the foundation skills. Depending on a computer does a great disservice to human potential.  Penmanship is no longer valued by public education. But at the Relevant School we know this skill is critical to personal expression.
Meet the instructor

Laurette Anderson

Laurette Anderson is a certified teacher who began her career in 1987.  She has Degrees in the Arts and in Education and has had a teaching career in elementary and high school  for over 35 years in Ontario, and British Columbia. Laurette enjoys teaching all levels and all ages. She looks forward to sharing her love of building meaningful and effective content to assist parents to take back control of their children's education and rebuild the strength of the family unit.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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