The Relevant School

Skills for a Joyous Life


It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

I invite you to join us at the table of your child's abundant new life at the Relevant School. Skills are precious and highly prized here at my school. Skillful people will be called upon to share and pass on their knowledge to our children. Our community will be drawn upon for a variety of skills in our basket of knowledge. The enjoyment of building a life rather than becoming consumers of life, is the essence of this school. Do you and your child fit into this community?

We believe that children learn in their own unique ways. No two are the same. The current system was built upon knowledge collected from pecking chickens (Thorndyke) and salivating dogs (Pavlov). Experiments on how children learn to read, were conducted on adults, who could already read. This system was built to create cubicle workers for large corporations and that is why so many foundations, teacher's College Institutions were funded by the 'philanthropic' institutions and foundations of Rockefeller, Carnegie and Morgan. They had factories to run. They had influence and obscene amounts of money. Rockefeller foundations still control the content of many university programs, especially those who teach teachers and medical professionals. And yes these influences span all of Canada as well. Profits, supplying workers and keeping industries they favour running profitably, are the foundations of the programs created and which we have inherited, for better or for worse. The text books and publishers were owned by Rockefeller, even our hallowed Encyclopedia Britannica - the source of all information prior to the internet - was owned and the information controlled, by Rockefeller, who was a Nazi supporter and very much enlightened by Eugenics. These two extremely unhealthy philosophies had undue influence on the current education system. This should be shocking. So is it any wonder we have drug problems, violent outbursts, overcrowding in schools, schools that are so big you never get to know the majority of the students.

Do we need a revolutionary change in our schools? Yes we do. I believe strongly, we have the answer.

The Relevant School