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South Okanagan Community Exchange

Your talents are your wealth.​ 

At the Relevant School we are seeking to build a community around our children. It takes a village, to raise a child. Within our community parents, and community members at large, are encouraged to offer skills, creations and services in exchange for other skills, creations and services. Very much like barter, only because it is indirect, it is easier.  You are wealthier than you think. Your child deserves a private education in a smaller more congenial setting and you can afford to provide it.  This is how we will create a child centered community with a positive and hopeful future focus.

Below is the founder of the Community Exchange System. The interview was back in 2013, so the system has grown since this interview. If the concept resonates with you, check the website for further information HERE.

Community Exchange System

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South Okanagan Community Exchange