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Skills for a Joyous Life


Welcome to The Relevant School !

We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to The Relevant School's brand new website.  We are excited about the approaching school year because we know that there are children out there (and some parents too) who reluctantly push their children through a system that they know is not created to nurture the budding genius in their child. 

 At the Relevant School we believe that the seed of genius inside needs to be nurtured, needs to be taught skills that will enable that genius to express itself with the utmost of clarity and creativity. Not an easy match in the institutional classroom of today.  Schools are much more oriented toward the "socialization" of the child rather than toward the development of intellect and reasoning. "Acceptable behaviours" lead to pleasant "experiences" and feelings.  This is behaviour modification to a self-serving and often narcissistic end. Thus,  the emergence of a society blatantly devoted to self-gratification at the expense of responsibility and achievement, which are the cornerstones of a quality education.   Responding to bells and alarms, rewards and treats, and unquestioning obedience to those deemed to be authorities, is not teaching life enhancing skills, but rather is preparation for a corporate cubicle. The treadmill of consumerism awaits the graduate of this system. That endless cycle of debt and repayment is the reward for twelve or more years of schooling.  It's time to question that schooling and truly think "out of the box" rather than pay lip service to this cliche. There is more unhappiness, there is more mediocrity and far less excellence - even though the opposite is touted in the system's propaganda. The bar has fallen far below where it belongs and the children are, in fact becoming less and less capable.  The evidence clearly demonstrates that our children lack the literacy expected of a child a century ago.  

School time should be more intensive learning time.  English grammar, cursive writing, reading, phonetic systems, memorization skills, reasoning, questioning, all of these things have suffered under our current system.  

We can do better privately, in a small home setting, with more challenging and relevant criteria.  Thank you for dropping by to check us out!  We are the way to Skills for a Joyous Life.